Western Home Decor

Honestly, im not really in love with western home decor, but maybe you are, and thats ok! Western home decor is more of a rough edge, and that doesnt really suit me. Maybe its better for men, but those men are probably bachelors lol! Of course, I'm sure there are few girls out there that like the western home decor theme too, so guys be on the lookout, itll be your dream come true! But anyway, western home decor is at least good for a room or two. If you don't want to be overbearing for guests, you don't want to get silly with a fully western home decor..

Maybe its because I am from a coastal town but I haven't seen much in the way of western home decor. I did once go to Texas for a week of training as a store manager of an anonymous large retail chain. For what its worth, it was a good week. And that's the closest I ever got to getting a taste of western home decor. I'll tell you one thing, its 'fun'. The leather, the cowboy hats, the mini-horse statues... its very suitable for a 'fun' room. Some people have some kind of room where they host social gatherings... Maybe you have a bar, or a pool table, or just a HUGE flat screen tv that is the centerpiece of your room. A room like this is suited for fun, and so is western home decor. If thats what brings you the peace of mind, then more power to you! Western home decor is loud, and for some people, loud is quiet. I've been THERE before! Sometimes you just need to have a little fun to be ready for tomorrow.

Rustic Western Home Decor

Rustic western home decor is an excellent marriage of country and western... Its got a bit of an edge from the western influence, but the soft calm of the country. You need the right kind of house for this though, like one with a hand-made brick fireplace where all the bricks are NOT perfectly even. Hardwood floors would be nice, too. If you're going for rustic western home decor, you really have to go all out. But its ok, its not quite as imposing as a purely western theme. It can permeate your entire house but still not be overbearing. The rustic western home decor theme is definitely one I could fall in love with!

Western Home Decor Gifts

You REALLY have to know a person in order to buy them western home decor gifts with confidence. They should probably already have a room that is obviously a western theme, and you are just going to add a little something to it. There is not a square inch available for a western home decor item in my mother's house, and if someone were to buy her a horse shaped candle holder or something like that, she'd probably think it was a gag gift.. but thats just her. It wouldnt fit in her house anywhere though! However, maybe my friend's 'cow room' could use a horse shaped candle holder... cows are a little bit western after all. My point is, you really have to think this one through. It has to be the right kind of person to appreciate western home decor. It shouldn't be too hard though, its usually obvious if they are into western home decor.