Unique home decor

Everytime I'm at my parent's house, I'm always astounded by the unique home decor they have on display. My mother just loves Winnie the pooh, and its obvious from the moment you walk into the house. I never thought Winnie would make a decent unique home decor idea, but god bless her, my mother knows what she is doing. She's got the classiest little glass menagerie of the whole Winnie cast. You'd think it would be gaudy or tacky, but its really not. Its there, its obvious, but its not overbearing... and lets face it, Winnie the pooh is cute. The living room's stylistic counterpart to Winnie is a vaguely nautical decor theme. The walls are a light cyan blue, there's a lighthouse or two on the shelves, and a modest anchor hanging on the wall.

Outside of the fact that they live in a coastal town, you would think that Winnie and nautical decor would be ghastly. At the very least, it wouldnt make any sense. But the truth is, she has really done up the unique home decor. The whole atmosphere shares a simple, non-imposing 'cuteness' that ties it altogether. To be honest I was never really in love with this style, but after thinking about it for awhile I realize that it works for me. The cuteness of the room is where you find the peace that home decor should bring. It just has to speak to you.

The moral of this story is if you are honest to yourself and you put out a little effort, you can take anything and turn it into a unique home decor idea, and it can work. One of my friends has a 'cow room'. The kitchen is littered with cow salt and pepper shakers, the cabinets are all painted white with black spots, and the refridgerator sports a few cow magnets. Silly? Yes. Unique home decor? Absolutely! Does it work? Well, it works for her. At first I thought it was creepy but it has grown on me.

Unique home decor & gifts

Buying unique home decor as a gift for someone is a gamble. It's that its bad or inappropriate, but it is risky. Remember, its THEIR home. Think about how you would feel if someone bought you unique home decor. Maybe its not what you want... In fact its even probable that its not what you want! Its your home decor, not theirs. But you can really hit a home run if you get them the right gift for unique home decor. If you get someone a unique home decor gift that they appreciate, it shows them you really understand them as a person, and that is hard to do.

You may want to do a little research if you're going to buy unique home decor for a friend. First, pick your target room. Take in what kind of home decor they have currently. What is it missing? And what is missing that your friend would appreciate? The unique home decor that you buy has to be different from the rest of the room, but not so different that it is going to stand out.. so make it something small and non-imposing. It should also compliment the current theme of the room. So, taking my mother's living room as an example, maybe she needs a Winnie the pooh figurine in a rain coat. That is certainly unique home decor, and it unites both of the light themes she is using in that room. But, remember that table space is limited, so pick a spot, and keep the unique home decor gift small enough to fit in that spot, but maybe others. The giftee may decide that they want to put it somewhere else. If they put it anywhere at all, you did a good job. Last piece of advice: don't get offended if they don't like your gift. Unique home decor is risky business. Maybe you put alot of thought into it, maybe you picked the room and the spot, and maybe you even made sure that your gift would not take up too much space. But even after all that, you have to remember that unique home decor is a realm where people are allowed to be very, VERY picky. It has to be just right, it is for their home, their place of piece.. their temple. So take it in stride. If you are worried you can't handle the heat, find a unique home decor store that you think will suit them and get a gift card. This will show them you were thinking of them (im sure my mother would LOVE a Winnie the Pooh gift card, if such a thing exists), but at the same time doesnt impose some tacky yellow jacketed bear into their otherwise dignified glass Winnie the Pooh menagerie.