Tuscan home decor

Tuscan home decor is an expression of the quaint Italian village of Tuscany. Tuscany is a coastal town and carries an atmosphere of antiquity. So, Tuscan home decor is an expression mainly of antiquity, with perhaps a slight nod to coastal decor. Much of the furniture that compliments a Tuscan home decor theme is wooden. Dark, polished oaks that stand out as quality woodcrafting is the benchmark of Tuscan home decor. It is slightly ironic that most tuscan home decor furniture is NOT so comfortable to actually sit on, since it is often hard wood. However, there are pieces of tuscan home decor furniture with cushions, so don't be afraid of the tuscan home decor theme just because you think its going to lead to a sore behind! Of course the cushioned furniture is going to have earthy, muted colors. Bright and flashy is far from the nature of tuscan home decor! Tuscan home decor turns out to be a lot like an italian style of country decor. As mentioned before there is a slightly coastal slant, but the base emotions of country and Tuscan home decor are the same: simplicity, comfort, history, and serenity. Of course, the italian slant that comes from tuscan home decor implies some sort of food being integrated into your design, but more about that in the next section...

Tuscan home decor ideas

So, for tuscan home decor ideas, base furniture materials should be wrought iron and dark colored wood, polished. And for cushions, the colors should be earthy, like country decor, but perhaps not quite as bright and sunny. Colors in general should be light and earthy, not flashy and loud. Furniture and candleholders are where you will get most of your tuscan home decor substance. A slight hint of the coastal is acceptable but use it sparingly! Pictures and centerpieces can have italian artwork and italian food. Tuscan home decor artwork is also very classical in its style, and images of wine should be prevalent as well. Wine itself is also something that should be considered as an aspect of Tuscan home decor. One other popular piece for tuscan home decor are those fake fruit baskets, with of course popular Italian fruits. In the end, tuscan home decor is basically italian country, so it can work well in a house that is primarily country, rustic, and/or western. Though i do recommend a progression; I wouldn't put western right next to Tuscan home decor. Perhaps a progression from western, to rustic, then country, and then Tuscan home decor!

Italian Tuscan Homes - Home Décor from Tuscany

Okay, first thing to keep in mind is that you are going to want as many trinkets as you can get your hands on. If you can manage to find yourself some products straight from Tuscany then you will have more luck with this décor. Wall decorations are important, you want to hang a few tapestries around the house and perhaps you can find a scenic view of the country side or some other Tuscan art to adorn your walls. Shelves are another thing to consider, everyone has shelves and most time we have no idea what to do with the blank spaces on our shelves. Flowers! Flowers help add to your décor and are an essential part of any country home décor. Additionally some of my favorite things to fill the space on my shelves are porcelain figurines, I love them! You can find the most beautiful hand crafted figurines and it isn't that hard to find the appropriate genre for you tiny statues, porcelain houses and other little things to add to your décor. Create a little scene with porcelain or ceramic figurines, people always notice them and they for me personally they do more than decorate. They add a sense of calm to your house and allow your imagination to spring to life.

Tuscan Décor to look for includes :
  • Art From Tuscany And Tuscan Tapestries
  • Tuscan Bowl, Centerpieces, Tables Clothes
  • Tuscan Sconces And CandleHolders
  • Italian Marble Décor