Rustic home decor

Rustic home decor is one that I am personally like quite a bit. Rustic home decor is like a blend of country and western with a dash of classic style. Rustic home decor carries the tranquility of country, the confidence of western, and the simple wisdom of a simpler time all at once! I especially like rustic home decor because I think western is, by itself, a little bit over the top, but it still has some value in it. So rustic home decor is good because it can still express the value in western without being too overbearing.

The drawback of rustic home decor is that not every house can pull it off. You kind of need a more classic style house, with maybe a brick fireplace or something like it. Bricks are great for rustic home decor.. its almost as if the bricks are not just the foundation of the house but the foundation of the whole rustic home decor theme. So you gotta take a good look at your house and really think about the big picture before you start spending money on it. You have to imagine your house empty and then mentally create your rustic home decor theme and see if it works. If not, maybe you can just go country. One thing is for sure, you don't want to spend all of this time and money on the rustic home decor theme only to have it turn out ghastly. So if you're house isn't suited to rustic home decor, either go with a different theme or a different house!

Rustic western home decor

Maybe your man is in love with western, but you aren't so keen on it. Thats where rustic western home decor could save your relationship! Rustic home decor ideas are already catered to a slightly western theme, so a slightly heavier influence on western will not drown out the rustic home decor aspect. Rustic western home decor ideas just include a slightly heavier dose of western.