Primitive Home Decor

Primitive home decor speaks to our basic, ancient history. It is a reminder of where we have came from. Primitive home decor is also fairly unique; your friends will love the your eccentricity! And, primitive home decor also speaks to the very human desire to be stress free. Primitive home decor is simple, basic, and reminds us of the slow paced, uncomplicated lives of our ancestors. Not to say that they had it any easier of course... They had to worry about getting eaten! But we don't, so as far as we are concerned the primitive home decor can help bring us calm by reminding us of the positive aspect of ancient life: simplicity. Primitive home decor will not, however, make us feel like we should keep an eye out for sabre-tooth tigers! So millenia later we get to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Even though primitive home decor can invoke primal simplicity without evoking primal fear, it can evoke feelings of discomfort. After all, no one wants to sit on a rock these days! So you should be careful not to go overboard with things that may make the room seem uncomfortable. Just because it is primitive home decor doesn't mean it can't also have a warming effect.

Primitive Home Decor Ideas

So how do you go about pulling off primitive home decor without scaring off guests? Well, it can't be too primitive. Remember, its a theme, not a lifestyle! First of all you should have the most comfortable furniture in your neighborhood! Dark colors, soft cushions! Colorwise, think dark browns and greens... maybe lighter browns for walls (as if they were the inside of a cave). Have fun making cave paintings on your walls! You don't have to be an artistic genius to do cave paintings... because they are cave paintings! Thats probably one of the most fun and beautiful parts of primitive home decor! But, dark brown plush carpet to simulate dirt (albeit far more comfortable) will add a nice touch. And candles... candles are a must. You can't have primitive home decor without some kind of fire worked into the theme! But you don't want to have overly elaborate candleholders, since that will defeat the whole primitive home decor theme!

Primitive Home Decorations

When you are shopping for primitive home décor you sometimes want a more authentic look about your house. That being the case one of the best places to find some primitive décor is at your local antique shop, yard sale, and of course ebay. Finding antique tables, antique clocks, and antique wall décor can help bring to life the more simple home décor aspects of your design.

Log Cabin Home Décor

A popular style of primitive décor is for those of us who are more in tune with nature and simpler times. Pioneer décor can be a difficult thing to locate and many times replicas from today don't add the primitive look we want. You may want to look around to find out more about what our ancestors used to decorate their homes. Many older homes were decorated with the bare necessities. Antler accents were common place as there was almost always a hunter in the house. Animal heads and hangings were another popular wall décor of that era.

Kitchen apparel was an obvious necessity then and as such adding a decorative, utensil, plate, jar, glass or other common place primitive kitchen décor can help set the mood especially if your kitchen set into the living room of your cabin or home. Pie plates can be a wonderful addition, especially when they have warm pies in them sitting on the window sill. And what curtains should hang above our pies? Once again remember you probably would not find the most sophisticated of design in fabrics from that time.

Sewing your own fabrics to make table cloths, curtains, clothes, dish cloths, doilies, rugs and other things can help to ensure a more authentic look as most of the clothes and things worn by our ancestors was handmade and as such the imperfections that sprout up are actually what you are shooting for when designing and crafting your own primitive home décor. Making your own décor is also an excellent way to save a few dollars and when it comes to primitive decorations you may end up with the best in town! That is, if you aren't the only one in town! ;)

Some Things To Look For Log Cabin And Pioneer Primitive Home Decor:
  • Primitive Plates
  • Antler Accents And Wall Antler Hangings
  • Primitive Curtains
  • Primitive Wall Hangings
  • Primitive Fabrics And Cloths
  • Primitive Rugs And Floor Coverings
  • Primitive Utensils And Primitive Kitchen Apparel