Patriotic Home Decor

Patriotic Home Decor is fun, no question about it. It is easy to see how one can get a sense of peace from the feeling that they are invested in their country. After all, the home is a very personal possesion, and to dedicate any room to patriotic home decor is in a sense dedicating a part of yourself to your country. Not to mention the fun factor of patriotic home decor. Usually, anytime people are celebrating patriotism... well actually, thats the point. People celebrate patriotism. They don't mourn it, they don't practice it... They celebrate! So, patriotic home decor is a celebration in your home! So... patriotic home decor is a great choice for any room that you want to be 'fun'. And, patriotic home decor can be adjacent to many themes, simply because its going to speak to anyone who may visit your home, since they will almost definitely be from your country, and patriotic too!

I'm from America, but I'm also a free thinker, so even if you are from some anywhere from Turkey to Madagascar, I fully encourage you decorating with patriotic home decor in your home! Granted, I don't know much about patriotic home decor symbols outside of the U.S.A, but hey, I'm always up for learning about different cultures. So email me if you have any good patriotic symbols for any countries outside the U.S! That being said, Here are some good American patriotic home decor ideas to spice up your home!

Patriotic home decor ideas

Obviously (and I'm sure this goes for other countries too), the flag is the key symbol you can use for patriotic home decor. One good thing to do if you want to be very loud with your patriotic home decor is to make the color scheme of your room red, white, and blue. The colors of our flag are kind of loud, if you know what I mean, so if loud isn't what you're after, but you still want patriotic home decor, than just use a few flags... dont make the whole room bright red, white and blue. Or, you could still go with the color scheme, but make it more subtle. Maybe use off-white for the bulk of the room and speckle in the blue and red. You could also get patriotic wallpaper to spice up a room

Outside of the flag, good old Uncle Sam is an excellent patriotic home decor piece. White stallions, militia men figurines... these are the things that express American patriotism. Of course, there's also the bald eagle... integrating him into patriotic home decor is always a good move. Plus, the eagle is such a beautiful bird, you'll get a bit of nature in that patriotic home decor theme and itll be just fantastic! Other than that, just about anything decorated in red white and blue will work as patriotic home decor.

Patriotic Home Decor Kitchens

There are so many things in your kitchen that you can litter with patriotic decoration americana collectibles. Patriotic home decor items for the kitchen and dining room include cups, glasses, bowls, plates, dishes, pots and pans, silverware, place mats, table cloths, salt and pepper shakers, refridgerator magnets, even patriotic trash cans! Patriotic cups, glasses, plates, and place mats are easily acquirable at your local dollar store (cheap and easy!). Stuff like patriotic magnets may be a little more difficult to find but you can certainly find them online.