Nautical Home Decor

Personally Nautical home decor is a huge favorite of mine! I'm from a coastal town so I'm used to seeing quite a bit of nautical home decor, and there's a lot you can do with this style of home decor! For me, nautical home decor reminds me of the peaceful aspect of the ocean, warm sunny days, barbeques in the summer, and the beach. Summer is the best time of the year, and nautical home decor makes it feel like summer in your home all year long! Of course, you may want to consider nautical home decor only seasonally, because it can be kind of depressing to be surrounded by nautical home decor in the winter and be reminded of summer. Remember, the whole point is to feel comfortable at home and if its freezing outside, your nautical home decor may seem like its mocking you. Its never good when you get home and you feel you're being mocked by it! Anyway, thats just me. Maybe some people aren't this way, and they'd rather like it because they can at least pretend its summer while they are inside. One thing that may help though is to close the shades and really separate the outside world from your interior. This way the nautical home decor might actually have you convinced it is summer, kind of like a subconscious thing. But you really have to create the illusion well, because one look outside will bring you to the painful realization that it is freezing outside!

Nautical home decor ideas

There are so many different things you can use for nautical home decor that I don't even know where to begin! Oh well, Lets start with lighthouses. I have seen lighthouses made into so many different kinds of nautical home decor its just ridiculous. There are refridgerator magnets, candleholders, lights, posters, calendars.. I could go on and on. You should always have a lighthouse or two if you're going for nautical home decor! Thermometers are a nice nautical home decor piece too. And they are a great wall piece. You have a lot of space to fill between table tops, floor space, and wall space, so every bit helps! Of course, you dont want a real thermometer, because then itll tell you the actual temperature. Thats not nautical home decor! You want one that always shows a summer temperature. You probably already realized that, but better safe than sorry.

Then there are seashells, pebbles, and anything beach related. Buoys, life rafts, lifeguard signs, surf boards, anything tiki, leis (those flower neclaces), and PLANTS. My god, the right kind of palm plant can really set off your nautical home decor. There are so many different ideas to play with when it comes to nautical home decor that you could do your entire house and not run out of unique things to use! Have fun with this one!