Asian Home Decor

Asian home decor brings about a very unique set of emotions. One one hand, asian home decor conveys a sense of gentility, as asian (specifically Japanese) etiquette is very precise and defined. One another hand, it can also convey a sense of honor, and therefore a sense of morality. And there are still more aspects of asian home decoration. For example, consider the samurai. The samurai follows a very strict code of ethics. The ancient samurai was at once expected to be a man of supreme etiquette but also of supreme valor. Both confidence and humility were values espoused by samurai. And of course, the samurai was also a deadly warrior. In asian home decor, you are going to see elements of this samurai attitude unless you focus on one particular asian civilization other than japanese. So the pan-asian theme can be very difficult to pull off successfully, but very refined and high quality if you can do it. It's easy enough to put a bunch of swords and asian fans (known as tessen) in a room and call it asian home decor. But what is more important is to instill in your asian decor not only a sense of whatever emotions bring you peace, but also to respect the culture from which it is born. To be respectful you should be educated in whatever culture(s) you draw from for your asian home decor.

Asian Home Decor Idea

As for the objects, images, and colors to express asian home decor, there are many things to choose from. If you are going for a Japanese focus, there are weapons (such as katana), armor, and war fans, as objects. 'The rising sun' is a particular image you could use as well. The Japanese style dragon image could also be used in this brand of asian decor. Red, yellow, white, and brown are colors that can be added to a Japanese asian home decor idea as needed. There are as many asian cultures as there are elements of each culture, so we can't cover everything here. I just happen to be in love with Japanese culture and that is why I chose this example for asian decor. Regardless of what you decide to do though, you should know the significance of the symbols and images you use in your asian theme. First of all, it means you have some substance, and that is always a good thing. Secondly, it is respectful towards that culture that you have used to decorate your home to at least be familiar with why the katana is a symbol in Japanese culture, and not just a kind of sword. So whatever culture(s) you draw from for your asian home decor, you should at least be familiar with those cultures themselves, and perhaps a bit about their history regarding the various symbols and images you choose. I have expressed elsewhere that time invested into a decoration project adds value to it in terms of the satisfaction your theme will bring you once it is complete. The same is true of asian home decor. Here we have the opportunity to invest time on an entirely different level by learning about a culture. No one is going to be offended by, for example, your lack of knowledge on the history of the buoy, should you have chosen nautical as your theme. But if you have Japanese weapons covering one wall of your house and you don't know the names of them, well lets just say its a disservice to not only the asian home decor, but the Japanese culture itself.